Why You Should Focus On High Ticket Affiliate Products

Well it’s been some months since I’ve posted here. I’ve just been taking time out to focus on my journey in the online marketing world.


You know I mainly focus on affiliate marketing, but with the products I’m promoting there’s only so much I can earn, because as you know I might be able to make 100% on the front end sale at say, $9, then 75% of $17 on the first upsell,which is $12.75, and 50% of $47 on the second upsell, which is $23.50.


If you calculate the commissions I’d make in the example, you’ll find I’m to make $45.25.

Now how many sales must I generate to make up to $5000 a month?

You’re talking over 110 sales per month in order to make $5k, which it isn’t hard to do but…

What if you could make 4-5 sales and generate the same $5000?

Wouldn’t it be much easier?


High Ticket Affiliate Products


This is what I’ve been focusing on, to promote high ticket affiliate products which have been proven to sell and have a full sales funnel in place where all I do is find targeted prospects.


There’s not much of a difference in selling low ticket affiliate products to high ticket products, you’re still driving the same targeted traffic to the offer, and of course it’ll be harder to convert visitors to buyers because of the higher price tag, but not a 1000 times harder.


What’s your thoughts on this move of mine?


Please leave some feedback below on what your views are.

Avoid The Temptation Of Doing A 1000 Things

The reason I, and many other marketers, the 97% that are failing at the start of our internet marketing business, is because we were doing, or trying to learn and master, a 1000 different things.


Really, I always thought if I learn many different things then I’ll be able start making a full time income online.


But reality tells me this doesn’t happen.


So instead of making money, I was just learning and learning, and the result?


I have nothing to show.


All those things I learned wasn’t being used, it was just information buried inside me…well, knowledge that’s useless.


I remember back in the good old school days, teachers told me that what I learn then would be the most useful knowledge I can make use of in the future.


I always thought that was true until a million dollar marketer enlightened me by saying knowledge is just one element of the equation, you need to add action into the equation to see success, to see real results.


So here’s the equation:


(Knowledge + Action) = Result = Success


I really want you to understand this equation, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes as I have for over a decade.


Let’s get back to the 1000 things you think you need to do and learn.  


I really want you to understand, it’s not a 1000 things you need to do, or must do, but only a few things you should focus on doing.


But a few things you have to do well in, I mean like in school terms, you must get an A grade and above in them.  In other words, you can’t be lazy or sloppy, you must do them well, really really well so you can stand out from the rest.


Actually, it’s 4 things you need to do well.


And it’s what I believe to be the foundation of whatever you’re doing in your internet marketing business.


You probably know what they are already.


Here’s the 4 steps:

  1. 1. create a simple but valuable product to give away
  2. 2. setup a lead capture/squeeze page
  3. 3. setup your autoresponder
  4. 4. drive traffic


These are the 4 basic steps that will form the foundation for your online business, it really is what you should apply to all your marketing activities online.


Because we need to build an email list in whatever project we do online, and in whatever niche we decide to go into.


So it just makes perfect sense why these 4 steps should be your focus if you’re still struggling to make your first dollar, or you’re just starting out trying to discover the opportunity that exist in internet marketing, or why you’re not seeing results after many years of learning, buying course after course online.


Do you get the main point in this post yet?


What I want to get across to you is, focus on what you’re doing right now.


Stick to these 4 steps on the niche you’ve chosen to focus on, stay focus on that niche until you see results.


And if you have to learn anything, I suggest you learn only what’s required in that niche and nothing else. 


Then put the 4 steps mentioned in this post in what you’re doing so that you’ll soon reach your desired result.


Like always, please leave any comments, suggestions in the comment box below.

My 2016 Business Plan

Yeah, I’m still around, alive and kicking.

The last time I posted here was, wow, the end of 2015.

And in the last couple of months since the start of 2016, I’ve been structuring my online business.

I’ve been thinking, since I’m not exactly great at teaching the knowledge of internet marketing via online courses, whether it’s written (ebooks), spoken (video lessons), or coaching, instead I’m thinking of moving towards the technical side of things.

I’m quite competent in the technical aspect of things like setting up webpages, uploading and customizing.

I might not be the best in all the technical stuff, but I know more than the average guy who’s starting out to make money online.

So I guess I can offer a service to help those who wants to get started, help them to get started by setting up product funnels for them.

This, I’m sure I can start building a buyers list instead of freebie seekers because I’ve seen many people are looking for this kind of service.

Thousands and thousands of people wants to make a second income, or a job quitting income, but yet they don’t want to do all the hard work.

And this is where I will come in, give them the products to sell, set them up, get them ready, and after that, all they have to do is drive traffic.

Probably, driving traffic is all they need to learn and master cause everything they want to sell will be up and running since I’ll have everything set up.

Now all that’s left for me to think is what are the products I can set up for these people???

I need to have a logical funnel, a good and profitable sales funnel…and I’ll need not just one, but many, so I can really see the money coming in.

Sorry, I’ve been rambling on and forgot you’re probably here to see if there’s some ideas you can take away for your online business.

Well I guess my personal plan is something you can do as well.

The whole reason I set up this blog is to share ideas I have, and you’re more than welcome to take the ideas with you and model what I’m going to do with my online business.

OK, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I’m going to get to work, and the first thing I’ll do is look for products to set up a profitable sales funnel.

If you’re going to model what I’ve mentioned above, it’d be great if you could tell me how you’re getting on.

Please leave some feedback in the comment box below, some insights would be appreciated also.

Merry Christmas!

This year has gone by so fast, it’s boxing day already and in less than a week we’ll be in 2016.

It’s just so scary to think how time goes by so quickly and you don’t seem to be able to get things done fast enough to keep up with time.

We all have to same amount time each day, 24 hours, and a third of that usually is our time in bed.  So how do some people manage to get so much done while others like most of us, can’t even get one simple article, say 500 words, written in a day?

What would your answer be for that?

To me, it would boil down to 2 simple things:

  1. lack of planning
  2. procrastinating

The firs one, lack of planning.  One of my earlier post I mentioned about planning and I put down a quote from Winston Churchill, it goes something like this:

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail”

In any type of business (well I hope you’re treating this as a REAL business), planning on the steps of actions is crucial, and it’s no exception for your online business.  You should always, always treat your internet  marketing business as if you’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in capital into it.  If you think this way, you’ll probably be more focused in putting in the work in order to getting your investment back.

Now let’s talk about procrastinating.  Earlier I mentioned how some people can get more tasks done and while others cannot.  It’s simply a nature in everyone of us to put things off until later.

You know the phrases that comes out most of us…

“I’ll do this later because…”

“Next week I’ll start…”

I’m sure they’ll be familiar to you, in fact, I’m very familiar with them too!

We all procrastinate, that’s because we’re only human.

But for your internet marketing business, it’s DETRIMENTAL!

This is what I want to you do together with me in 2016…

Every start of the week (mine’s usually a Sunday), write down the tasks you want to do each and every day of that week.

Now I know you might not be able to finish a task in one day…but…at least you’ve done something.  Leave what’s unfinished for the next and just continue…that’s all I ask of you for the coming year.

Doesn’t sound too hard to do does it?

Great…now I hope both our new year will be a prosperous one, and we’ll be going to enjoy them with our families and loved ones.

So for now I’d like to update you on how my list building activity is going.

If you look at the screenshot below I have up to 806 subscribers which has cost me approximately 29 cents for each subscriber, 3 of which are buyers.

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 16.26.19

In the start of 2016 I’m going to find a way to turn these subscribers to buyers by either creating my own products to market to them, or using PLRs which I can brand as my own.

Enough for now.

Please if you have anything to say, please do so by leaving your valuable comment and suggestions in the comment box below.

Until next time, I wish you the very best in 2016!





1K Subscribers Case Study Update

I know it’s been 3 weeks since my last post on this 1k subscribers case study.

I only managed to send out 2 solo ads because I’ve been quite picky  as to who I should purchase from.

I learnt this from Paul Nichol’s  “Solo Ad Professor” which by the way is a great course on teaching anyone who wish to use solo ads to build their list to buy wisely from all the solo ad seller out in the market place.

I mentioned I would also use safelist, well I didn’t get much of a response from it.  I have sent around 2500 emails out already with safelist and I think I only got around 2 subscribers from it.

On the other hand, with solo ads purchased from udimi.com, I got over 350 subscribers which cost me around $297.  I also got 3 sales from these subscribers which, obviously, means it reduces the cost per subscribers from this one seller.  Yes, I only bought from one seller…you can’t expect your solo to be mailed once you’ve paid, you have to wait for the seller to schedule a day to send your solo.

Here’s a screenshot I took last week…

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.50.27


The 3 sales totalled $21, in other words, the cost of the solos would be down to $276.

So the cost of subscribers for the solo ads would be about $0.77…not bad I guess.

I’ll be buying more solo ads but I need to find a way to turn the casual subscribers to buyers since I only have 3 buyers on my list at the moment.

OK, I did say I would review Matthew Neer’s 5k Formula.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the hit5k campaign has 258 subscribers.  That’s just from the second solo I bought which shows Matthew’s 5k Formula works very well.

There’s not much work involved in using the 5k Formula, the only work you need to do is to send traffic to all those done for you squeeze pages, and that’s it.

I highly recommend getting your hands on Matthew Neer’s 5k Formula if you’re not that great in building squeeze pages, then learn all you can on driving traffic to these pages.  You can learn a great deal from YouTube about traffic generation.

You can check out Matthew’s 5k Formula for yourself here.

That’s it for this update.  I’ll be buying more solo ads to see how many subscribers I can get before the end of the year, and at the same time, I need to find out how I can turn them into buyers.

If anyone can offer some advice it would be most appreciated.

Please leave your comments and/or advice below so everyone can learn together 🙂

1K Subscriber Case Study



You know how important it is that you have a list right?

If you are anywhere serious about succeeding in an online business, you know you must be building a list.

Once you have a list, you can do affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s products, and also if you have your own product created, you can of course send to your list the early bird offer with a significantly discounted price as a way of saying thank you for still being on your list before doing a launch to the public.

Well you’ve heard and read it thousands, if not millions, of times that the money is in the list!

So in the next coming weeks, I’m going to build a list of 1K, that’s right…1000 subscribers in the next few weeks hopefully!

You see, last week I purchased from Matthew Neer, the 5K Formula.

I’m going to put it to the test…

This is not just going to be a case study, but also a product review at the same time for Matthew’s 5K Formula.

I’m going to see how Matthew’s 5K Formula will perform.

I’ve already gone through all his training videos so it’s a matter of putting it into action.

The great thing about Matthew’s product is you don’t need to have your own domain and hosting, it’s all done for you.  All you need is to promote and send traffic to his “Done For You” pages.

I’ve purchased most of his products in his sales funnel except the webinars.  I think it’s enough to get the ball rolling!

So keep an eye out to see how I’ll be getting on and hopefully I’ll be able to achieve some awesome results.

Here’s a link to Matthew’s 5K Formula, Click here to see how it makes list building a breeze!

Well I have faith in this product of Matthew’s but I’m still wondering how to send traffic to build the list…

I guess I’ll be using mostly solo ads, and the safe lists method taught inside the 5K Formula.

We’ll see how it goes.  Wish me luck!

Please if you have anything to say or comment on, don’t hesitate to leave your views or comments below.


Final Stage of Putting The Product for Sale on JVZoo


OK, so this will be the final video for showing you how to put your product on JVZoo for sale.

Now I’ve missed out an important step in the video, that is to put in the “Buy Button”…

How silly of me…what’s the point of having a sales page but without a link for your visitors to buy your stuff right?

For some reason when I took the button link from JVZoo, pasted it in to Weebly, it didn’t work.

But when I copy the image then hyperlinked it, it worked!

Now that’s sometimes the case with things, so it means you might have to tweak it a little with different methods before something will work.

So I hope this series of videos on how to put a product for sale on JVZoo has been helpful in showing you how easy it is to have your own product for sale online.

Please leave any comments you have below as it’ll help all readers, including myself, to learn more…

Talk soon

I Failed – Failing to Plan

Back from holiday a month now and trying to get back into the mode of things.

Me and my family was in Ibiza…no, not the wild party ones you’re probably thinking.

We were over at Cala Portinatz, a quiet friendly area with very friendly locals.

We really enjoyed it, the people were extremely nice, food was amazingly tasty and fresh, and the

weather as you can imagine, was just awesome.  My skin was sizzled!  No kidding, they were


My wife and I had planned where to go well before we were there, result was, NOT one single day

was wasted.

If only I could plan my work as well organised as the holiday, it would be well ahead by now.

I really really enjoyed it so much I wish I could just stay there.

Well, reality has to kick in, and as I was going through the videos I have recorded for my blog here, I

realized it wasn’t going in the flow as I’d want it to go.



business planning photo


The mistake I have made was, I didn’t make a plan of how I should lay out the videos!

Like Winston Churchill said “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”.  It’s absolutely true.

Even if you’re not planning to fail, you’re slowing down your progress and in effect causing low

productivity.  Not at all good for your online business!

So far in the videos I have created a sales page and started to add the product to JVZoo, just as I was thinking about recording a video to finalize everything…where’s the download page?
I was doing things as it comes to mind and didn’t make any plans as to what I need to include in the


If I had planned and laid out what’s required I’d have these videos finished and on my blog.

I’m still struggling to get back into a productive mental state of mind which I find it difficult

after such an enjoyable holiday in Ibiza 😉

I just wanted to share this with you so you don’t have to make these mistakes like most people and I


Well I better get my head together and start doing something quick.

You know the 2 things that you can’t retrieve in life?…

First, it is the words that you say, and second…it’s TIME!

Go on, get planning!

If there’s anything you’d like to add or comment on, please comment below.

Myself, and others would love to hear your say on planning.

Adding Your Product Into JVZoo – Basic Informations


Here in this video I’ll walk you through how to add your product for sale on JVZoo.

I’ll start with the basic information setup. It’s very basic but it’s a start.

So don’t procrastinate, go find your niche, then find your product and start your online marketing with me.

Any comments, feedback?

Leave your comments and feedback below so we can share with each other how to succeed better online 😉

Setting Up A Sales Page Using Weebly a Free Website Builder


In this video I am showing you how to use Weebly.com a free website builder to host your sales page for a product you’d sell on JVZoo.

Weebly is a free wysiwyg website editor that you can take advantage of if you want to save money on having your own hosting and domain.

Of course, if you would like to be more professional, then purchasing your own domain name and hosting would be the right choice to go.  However this works great and the learning curve is hardly an obstacle because Weebly is just so simple to use.

Enjoy the video and if there’s anything you need more information on, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

In the next video I’ll add the product onto JVZoo so it can be sold and hopefully make some sales!

Until then 🙂