A Little Tweak to Your Mindset For Success


Don’t know if you’ve heard people on the top say this before…


If you want to have success in life, whatever it may be, you need to find those people that have the life or things you want…


And then what do you do?… You model them!




You find out what they have been doing to get all the things they have, you’d follow them, and do this one thing a lot of people don’t do…


You ASK!


Successful people will tell you the route they’ve gone through in order to achieve what they have now, that’s what true successful people do.


These people will always give back (that’s what I strongly believe in), like this quote from Zig Ziglar:-


You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”


I’m so certain they always go by this quote.


So remember to adjust your mindset for success… model the people who have what you want and desire in life, and your chances of success will dramatically increase!


Here’s 3 simple steps that you should do right now:


1) Be willing to invest in yourself EVEN if you’re uncertain about the outcome.


Successful people are willing to invest in themselves even if the road ahead is not clear…they will make quick decisions and change their mind slowly.


The key to rewiring yourself for success is to create new habits…new habits that’s going to create the change in how you approach your everyday online business activities.


Of course you may feel a little scared and uneasy with the changes but it’s perfectly normal…after all, we’re just human beings, fear is just part of our emotions.


2) Find a mentor that has what you want & learn everything you can from them.


If you want a smoother route to achieving success then you need to find a mentor you can learn from.


This is one investment you can’t avoid!


Every successful entrepreneur had a least one mentor, this I’m sure because I’ve read from many online marketers, the 6 – 7 figure ones, that they have more than one mentor which they have invested money to learn from in order to get to where they are today.


3) Take Massive Action & Keep Things Simple


You should always remember not to try and master everything all at once, focus on learning one thing at a time, become proficient at it before moving on to learning something else for your business.

This is critically important, especially if you’re just starting out.


Alright, so these are the 3 simple steps, and now you need to ask yourself if you’re going to take action.


Have you got anything to add?
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Why You Should Focus On High Ticket Affiliate Products

High Ticket Affiliate Products

Well it’s been some months since I’ve posted here. I’ve just been taking time out to focus on my journey in the online marketing world.


You know I mainly focus on affiliate marketing, but with the products I’m promoting there’s only so much I can earn, because as you know I might be able to make 100% on the front end sale at say, $9, then 75% of $17 on the first upsell,which is $12.75, and 50% of $47 on the second upsell, which is $23.50.


If you calculate the commissions I’d make in the example, you’ll find I’m to make $45.25.

Now how many sales must I generate to make up to $5000 a month?

You’re talking over 110 sales per month in order to make $5k, which it isn’t hard to do but…

What if you could make 4-5 sales and generate the same $5000?

Wouldn’t it be much easier?



This is what I’ve been focusing on, to promote high ticket affiliate products which have been proven to sell and have a full sales funnel in place where all I do is find targeted prospects.


There’s not much of a difference in selling low ticket affiliate products to high ticket products, you’re still driving the same targeted traffic to the offer, and of course it’ll be harder to convert visitors to buyers because of the higher price tag, but not a 1000 times harder.


What’s your thoughts on this move of mine?


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Avoid The Temptation Of Doing A 1000 Things


The reason I, and many other marketers, the 97% that are failing at the start of our internet marketing business, is because we were doing, or trying to learn and master, a 1000 different things.


Really, I always thought if I learn many different things then I’ll be able start making a full time income online.


But reality tells me this doesn’t happen.


So instead of making money, I was just learning and learning, and the result?


I have nothing to show.


All those things I learned wasn’t being used, it was just information buried inside me…well, knowledge that’s useless.


I remember back in the good old school days, teachers told me that what I learn then would be the most useful knowledge I can make use of in the future.


I always thought that was true until a million dollar marketer enlightened me by saying knowledge is just one element of the equation, you need to add action into the equation to see success, to see real results.


So here’s the equation:


(Knowledge + Action) = Result = Success


I really want you to understand this equation, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes as I have for over a decade.


Let’s get back to the 1000 things you think you need to do and learn.  


I really want you to understand, it’s not a 1000 things you need to do, or must do, but only a few things you should focus on doing.


But a few things you have to do well in, I mean like in school terms, you must get an A grade and above in them.  In other words, you can’t be lazy or sloppy, you must do them well, really really well so you can stand out from the rest.


Actually, it’s 4 things you need to do well.


And it’s what I believe to be the foundation of whatever you’re doing in your internet marketing business.


You probably know what they are already.


Here’s the 4 steps:

  1. 1. create a simple but valuable product to give away
  2. 2. setup a lead capture/squeeze page
  3. 3. setup your autoresponder
  4. 4. drive traffic


These are the 4 basic steps that will form the foundation for your online business, it really is what you should apply to all your marketing activities online.


Because we need to build an email list in whatever project we do online, and in whatever niche we decide to go into.


So it just makes perfect sense why these 4 steps should be your focus if you’re still struggling to make your first dollar, or you’re just starting out trying to discover the opportunity that exist in internet marketing, or why you’re not seeing results after many years of learning, buying course after course online.


Do you get the main point in this post yet?


What I want to get across to you is, focus on what you’re doing right now.


Stick to these 4 steps on the niche you’ve chosen to focus on, stay focus on that niche until you see results.


And if you have to learn anything, I suggest you learn only what’s required in that niche and nothing else. 


Then put the 4 steps mentioned in this post in what you’re doing so that you’ll soon reach your desired result.


Like always, please leave any comments, suggestions in the comment box below.