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You know how important it is that you have a list right?

If you are anywhere serious about succeeding in an online business, you know you must be building a list.

Once you have a list, you can do affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s products, and also if you have your own product created, you can of course send to your list the early bird offer with a significantly discounted price as a way of saying thank you for still being on your list before doing a launch to the public.

Well you’ve heard and read it thousands, if not millions, of times that the money is in the list!

So in the next coming weeks, I’m going to build a list of 1K, that’s right…1000 subscribers in the next few weeks hopefully!

You see, last week I purchased from Matthew Neer, the 5K Formula.

I’m going to put it to the test…

This is not just going to be a case study, but also a product review at the same time for Matthew’s 5K Formula.

I’m going to see how Matthew’s 5K Formula will perform.

I’ve already gone through all his training videos so it’s a matter of putting it into action.

The great thing about Matthew’s product is you don’t need to have your own domain and hosting, it’s all done for you.  All you need is to promote and send traffic to his “Done For You” pages.

I’ve purchased most of his products in his sales funnel except the webinars.  I think it’s enough to get the ball rolling!

So keep an eye out to see how I’ll be getting on and hopefully I’ll be able to achieve some awesome results.

Here’s a link to Matthew’s 5K Formula, Click here to see how it makes list building a breeze!

Well I have faith in this product of Matthew’s but I’m still wondering how to send traffic to build the list…

I guess I’ll be using mostly solo ads, and the safe lists method taught inside the 5K Formula.

We’ll see how it goes.  Wish me luck!

Please if you have anything to say or comment on, don’t hesitate to leave your views or comments below.