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Hey, how’s everyone doing?

On this week’s coaching call with Alex I saw many of his students came with their own products for Alex to comment and get advice on.

Looking at those products I suddenly felt a little scared and worried if I can really reach that stage where I’ll have a product of my own to sell.  It just looks so difficult and seems WAY beyond my ability to produce anything of that kind.

You see, I was never a good writer, writing just didn’t come naturally in me.  My writing skill sucks!  In fact, if my life depended on it, I’ll be doomed!

On the call I shared my last week’s post with Alex and he was proud with what I have done.  Alex praised me on the effort I have put into writing the post.  The 4 hours writing that post was well spent!

Alex’s comments on the coaching call to me was an immense encouragement.  It felt like an injection of Confidence Booster for my progress, although slow but it certainly is moving forward.

I spent 4 hours writing the last post but with practice, this post I’m writing now will probably take less than 3 hours, then even faster on the next and the next…

Alex is truly an inspiration.  Bet you didn’t know he’s dyslexic, well he is, but yet he has overcome this problem of his and has written 7 books, delivering world-class information to the world.

Like I mentioned before, I spent 4 hours writing my last post and writing isn’t something I do everyday.  It certainly doesn’t come naturally to me but yet I’m willing to put in the time and effort to write that post because I want to advance in my online business, also to improve my writing skills.

I want to forward this information in this post to inspire you, to share with you that YOU, too can start something from scratch.

If you don’t know what to do, I can brainstorm with you to get your online business started if you’ll leave a comment below.  I’m starting my own online business in the Internet Marketing niche but marketing online can be on any profitable niches, it doesn’t have to be Internet Marketing.

I’m being coached by Alex Jeffreys, one of the best coaches you’ll ever find on the internet, an extremely successful internet marketer and marketing coach.

I’ll be sharing my marketing journey with others and helping them following along.  I’ll be learning a lot from Alex and I want you to follow along with me, learn from me to get moving for FREE!

🙂 I’ve timed myself on this post.  I only took 2 1/2 hours to write this post. What an improvement! I’m chuffed 😉