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Hey, another week has past and I’m a little bit sad today 🙁

I had another coaching call with Alex but I didn’t get the chance to speak with him because he was unwell.  The weather has been changing constantly in the past month in the UK and a lot of people I know has been unwell because of this weather.

Also he was launching his new product and there was a slight hiccup causing concerns as the intended result in conversion wasn’t performing as well as Alex has anticipated.

The launch wasn’t as successful as Alex has hoped. He ended up ending the coaching early, not only because he wasn’t feeling well, he had to deal with the launch itself.

Even though I was little disappointed as I wasn’t able to speak with Alex and ask him questions, I was actually felling excited at the same time.  Reason was I was able to see a live launch of a new info product.  This is the first time I’ve ever seen a live launch of any product.  It got me so exited as if it was my own first product launch.

I watched it from having zero sales going up to over 10 sales within half an hour, I think, and it feels so intense that every time Alex hit the refresh button I was hoping to see it jumping 10 sales at a time.  I was thinking to myself, if that was me launching this product, I’ll be jumping over the moon with that kind of result.

But Alex wasn’t pleased with the result and progression.  I remember it was launching at a price of $27 and then after that in the evening, the price was brought down to £9.95 and I guess now the conversion would be much better.  Not only that, the upsell at $47 and the downsell at £27 is great.  I’m beginning to understand the importance of a sales funnel 🙂

I know I’ve said to myself NOT to buy anymore products unless it’s in my niche, for review and learn. Still I cant’ help myself but bought this product from Alex.

Oh I forgot to give you the name of Alex’s new launch product name.  It’s called “Digital Millionaire Mastermind“.  You can find it at

I haven’t got the chance to view it yet because I thought I should write this post to tell you of my progress first, what I have learned in the past week.

Although I never got my question answered by Alex, I did learn from the answers and advice given to others by Alex that when creating a product, first create a video, then have that transcribed so you’ll have an eBook, and if you strip the audio out from the video you’ll have an audio product as well.  Now you’ll have a video, an audio and an eBook as your product which will increase the overall perceived value of your product.

What a genius idea! Alex is my man!

Hope Alex will feel much better soon.  Well he has scheduled for a coaching call on Monday to compensate for those who didn’t manage to have their questions answered, me being one of them.

I’m really getting better writing now.  Though it might not be very interesting but I’ve managed to write more smoothly now.  The trick is to write everyday, write anything at all, on whatever comes to mind.  Start writing everything down without editing even when you see mistakes in typing or writing, just write then edit later once you’ve written everything you want to say.  It’s as easy as that, but practice everyday to get the brain in a writing mode.

Well if you have anything to say, please leave a comment below.  I urge you to give me some feedback and maybe get together to learn more from each other.

Until next time.  Keep moving forward, remember a thousand miles starts with a first step!