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Back from holiday a month now and trying to get back into the mode of things.

Me and my family was in Ibiza…no, not the wild party ones you’re probably thinking.

We were over at Cala Portinatz, a quiet friendly area with very friendly locals.

We really enjoyed it, the people were extremely nice, food was amazingly tasty and fresh, and the

weather as you can imagine, was just awesome.  My skin was sizzled!  No kidding, they were


My wife and I had planned where to go well before we were there, result was, NOT one single day

was wasted.

If only I could plan my work as well organised as the holiday, it would be well ahead by now.

I really really enjoyed it so much I wish I could just stay there.

Well, reality has to kick in, and as I was going through the videos I have recorded for my blog here, I

realized it wasn’t going in the flow as I’d want it to go.



business planning photo


The mistake I have made was, I didn’t make a plan of how I should lay out the videos!

Like Winston Churchill said “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”.  It’s absolutely true.

Even if you’re not planning to fail, you’re slowing down your progress and in effect causing low

productivity.  Not at all good for your online business!

So far in the videos I have created a sales page and started to add the product to JVZoo, just as I was thinking about recording a video to finalize everything…where’s the download page?
I was doing things as it comes to mind and didn’t make any plans as to what I need to include in the


If I had planned and laid out what’s required I’d have these videos finished and on my blog.

I’m still struggling to get back into a productive mental state of mind which I find it difficult

after such an enjoyable holiday in Ibiza 😉

I just wanted to share this with you so you don’t have to make these mistakes like most people and I


Well I better get my head together and start doing something quick.

You know the 2 things that you can’t retrieve in life?…

First, it is the words that you say, and second…it’s TIME!

Go on, get planning!

If there’s anything you’d like to add or comment on, please comment below.

Myself, and others would love to hear your say on planning.