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OK, so this will be the final video for showing you how to put your product on JVZoo for sale.

Now I’ve missed out an important step in the video, that is to put in the “Buy Button”…

How silly of me…what’s the point of having a sales page but without a link for your visitors to buy your stuff right?

For some reason when I took the button link from JVZoo, pasted it in to Weebly, it didn’t work.

But when I copy the image then hyperlinked it, it worked!

Now that’s sometimes the case with things, so it means you might have to tweak it a little with different methods before something will work.

So I hope this series of videos on how to put a product for sale on JVZoo has been helpful in showing you how easy it is to have your own product for sale online.

Please leave any comments you have below as it’ll help all readers, including myself, to learn more…

Talk soon