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I understand the struggle and frustration of sourcing finance to start a new business online.

Even if you can invest the money to start up the business but then you have to come up with more money to drive traffic to whatever you’re offering in you business so that you can quickly recoup some, if not all, of the money you’ve invested.

So now you have a business but you don’t have the money to buy traffic or use paid advertising.

What can you do?

In this post I’m going to share with you 4 FREE marketing tools that will help you in growing your business should you be short of advertising budget.

  1. Pablo (Buffer)

Pablo is an online app that you can use to create compelling social media images, it’s super easy to use and it’s also very fast to create images.

You’ll get to make use of over 600,000 free images, but of course you’ll only have access to its basic photo effects. Along with these, you can add text and tools that fit different social networks. Just think about it, you don’t have to buy Photoshop, that’ll save you money and the most important part is you don’t have to learn to use it. I find Photoshop too complicated to use.

2. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Most of the time when I try to think of something to write about, my brain is totally blank, and my computer screen is of course blank with only the flashing cursor.

If you happen to get stuck in the same situation at times then Portent’s content idea generator is a great tool you can use. It’s fast and simple to use, you just enter in your chosen subject and it’ll give you several unique angles in the form of a headline.

3. Open Site Explorer

You obviously know search engine optimization (SEO) is a free method of generating targeted visitors, and links play an important part in SEO.

With Open Site Explorer, you can enter the URL of a website, and then it will give you results of inbound links. For each link, you’ll find out the page and rank authority. This information is important because Google will favor your site over others if a lot of high authority sites are linked to your site.

4. Hemingway App

When we manage our business online, making things simple is the best way to go and simplicity gives you a better chance of resonating with your prospects. The Hemingway app is the app to help you simplify things.

This online app helps to make your sales copy more efficient and more understandable for prospects, both online and offline. It analyses the content then returns alerts that are color coded to notify you of complex sentences, passive voice, and unnecessary adverbs.


I hope these 4 marketing tools will be useful to you. Not only are they useful, they are easy to use and the best part, it’s free!

If you know of any other online resources that can benefit the readers here, please share them by commenting below.

Like always, I’d love to hear your feedback.