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Are you familiar with that question?

I’ve been asked by people who know I’m building a business online the above question every time they see me.

My family is supportive but are unsure if I’ve made the right move, they’re somewhat skeptical of this whole internet business thing.

I can assure you this works, I’ve met people who went on making zilch to 4 – 5 figures a month and more.

Remember I told you how excited I was when Alex showed all his students during a coaching call with his Digital Millionaire Mastermind course launch, LIVE?

I watched many more of his past coaching calls and have seen other launches of his past products with a more profitable side.  Every time Alex hits the refresh button,  all I saw was the figures going up. It was absolutely amazing!

In a recently recorded call,

I saw a total newbie built her product with PLR products, that’s Private Label Rights in case you’re wondering.  I’m telling you about it here because she’s TOOK action and just did exactly what Alex told her, that was to learn it, apply what she’s learned, and see what results she’ll achieve.

Although she hasn’t launched the product as yet, but the point is here, she has done something very simple that I’ve learned in the past but didn’t apply what I’ve learned from it.  I could have been well in advance but because I’ve been going after all these new courses and buying them, I’ve delayed my opportunity in building my online business. This is what all the online marketers call “Shiny Object Syndrome”.  I’m one of the 10s of thousands, maybe more, sufferers of this and I just hope you won’t contract this psychological disease.  It’s detrimental to everyone’s online business.

confused photo

Especially for the newbie online marketers.

I know the message in this post might not be the most exciting thing to read, but it has caused many would be successful internet marketers to quit.

So from now on, please, please write down things you’d like to do for the week ahead and get to work on them. Remember to do and complete only those tasks you’ve written down and nothing else.

Keep things simple,  remember these four letters, KISS.  It stands for Keep It Stupidly Simple.

I hope the lesson here has been helpful.  Please give your view on this by commenting below.

I look forward to reading what your views are 🙂