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Yeah, I’m still around, alive and kicking.

The last time I posted here was, wow, the end of 2015.

And in the last couple of months since the start of 2016, I’ve been structuring my online business.

I’ve been thinking, since I’m not exactly great at teaching the knowledge of internet marketing via online courses, whether it’s written (ebooks), spoken (video lessons), or coaching, instead I’m thinking of moving towards the technical side of things.

I’m quite competent in the technical aspect of things like setting up webpages, uploading and customizing.

I might not be the best in all the technical stuff, but I know more than the average guy who’s starting out to make money online.

So I guess I can offer a service to help those who wants to get started, help them to get started by setting up product funnels for them.

This, I’m sure I can start building a buyers list instead of freebie seekers because I’ve seen many people are looking for this kind of service.

Thousands and thousands of people wants to make a second income, or a job quitting income, but yet they don’t want to do all the hard work.

And this is where I will come in, give them the products to sell, set them up, get them ready, and after that, all they have to do is drive traffic.

Probably, driving traffic is all they need to learn and master cause everything they want to sell will be up and running since I’ll have everything set up.

Now all that’s left for me to think is what are the products I can set up for these people???

I need to have a logical funnel, a good and profitable sales funnel…and I’ll need not just one, but many, so I can really see the money coming in.

Sorry, I’ve been rambling on and forgot you’re probably here to see if there’s some ideas you can take away for your online business.

Well I guess my personal plan is something you can do as well.

The whole reason I set up this blog is to share ideas I have, and you’re more than welcome to take the ideas with you and model what I’m going to do with my online business.

OK, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I’m going to get to work, and the first thing I’ll do is look for products to set up a profitable sales funnel.

If you’re going to model what I’ve mentioned above, it’d be great if you could tell me how you’re getting on.

Please leave some feedback in the comment box below, some insights would be appreciated also.