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Well it’s been some months since I’ve posted here. I’ve just been taking time out to focus on my journey in the online marketing world.


You know I mainly focus on affiliate marketing, but with the products I’m promoting there’s only so much I can earn, because as you know I might be able to make 100% on the front end sale at say, $9, then 75% of $17 on the first upsell,which is $12.75, and 50% of $47 on the second upsell, which is $23.50.


If you calculate the commissions I’d make in the example, you’ll find I’m to make $45.25.

Now how many sales must I generate to make up to $5000 a month?

You’re talking over 110 sales per month in order to make $5k, which it isn’t hard to do but…

What if you could make 4-5 sales and generate the same $5000?

Wouldn’t it be much easier?



This is what I’ve been focusing on, to promote high ticket affiliate products which have been proven to sell and have a full sales funnel in place where all I do is find targeted prospects.


There’s not much of a difference in selling low ticket affiliate products to high ticket products, you’re still driving the same targeted traffic to the offer, and of course it’ll be harder to convert visitors to buyers because of the higher price tag, but not a 1000 times harder.


What’s your thoughts on this move of mine?


Please leave some feedback below on what your views are.