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It’s absolutely amazing and it feels extremely good, filled with excitement to have my very first buyer on my list.

I know it’s not something that’s going to make me a 3 figure a day earner, but it’s the fact I’m progressing on my journey here.

Mind you, I HAVE built a list before in the IM niche, but it wasn’t a responsive one.

At the time, the autoresponder service I was using was GVO and it was part of an MLM company that I had joined.  It was a company called Pureleverage.

I had around 617 subscribers on my list then, can’t remember the actual numbers, but they were all freebie seekers who didn’t respond to any of my emails I sent.

Whatever affiliate offers I sent was useless, no response whatsoever.  They didn’t even respond to emails that was just pure content, never mind promotional emails, unless I have something FREE to give them.

I wasn’t doing very well with Pureleverage so I cancelled my subscription with GVO and forgot to export the list so I can put it to use later. I suppose it wouldn’t be any use anyway.

I was told that if all the subscribers in your list are only freebie seekers then you could say the majority of them will always be.  It’ll be extremely hard to turn them into buyers.  I don’t think it’s worth the time.

So how did get my first buyer?

I was testing how I could build a list of buyers, I mean an actual list of buyers rather than freebie seekers, using JVZoo.

I found out that Jvzoo can host your salespage for you with no charge, though it’s a simple one but as long as it can generate results, who cares.

Then I searched Resell Rights Weekly, you can sign up for free and download free PLR products, and found a product with Master Resell Rights I can use as my product.

The next step I did was search the internet to see if that particular product was selling elsewhere, and if it was, then it should sell. Well sometimes not!

After all that, it was simply doing some copy and pasting to create a simple (ugly) salespage and released the product for sale on JVZoo.

How did I grab my first buyer?

I didn’t send any traffic to the product sales page.

On the affiliate section where I had to fill out the commission I would give to affiliates, I put down 100%.

That was a method Alex taught in one of his course about building a super list.

At this stage in my IM business, my greatest goal is to have my very own buyers list, I meant a super list!

This is where the money is really at, and buried in the buyers pockets where if you build a relationship, a trustworthy relationship with them, they will GLADLY whip out their credit cards to buy if the product is right.

first-buyerI set the price of the product at $7, and although I didn’t pocket the whole lot myself, I DID make a sale.

So it works.

Yes, it sure does work.

If you put your heart and some effort into making things happen, it will eventually work for you.

This JVZoo experiment was just to test out how to sell on there.

So my next step is to focus on creating my product to sell.  There’s a lot of work to cover so I better get head down to work.

Please share any of your experiences with us by commenting below.  I’m sure everyone would love to learn from each other, after all, we are in this IM world together!

Until next time, ciao!