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I’ve started going off track on what I’m supposed to be doing with my online business.

I’m NOT focusing on what I’m supposed to accomplish.

Instead I’ve moved from one area to another without realising it.

I need to get back on track.

I remember in one of Alex’s training videos he talked about “Thinking Inside The Box”.

I know it sounds odd because most people would tell you to “Think Outside The Box“.  But in Alex’s case was that it’s fine to WORK outside the box, but you should really want to THINK inside the box.

Have you ever set out to do something but then for some reason or another you ended up doing something else?

Take this example.  Say you planned a dinner party in two weeks’ time.  You’ve decided in the morning you’re going to think and note down what you’ll make for appetizers.  You sat yourself on the couch with several recipe books, you flicked through the pages and instead of looking for appetizer recipes, you’re attracted by the beautiful delicious looking images on the desserts pages.

You understand the example above?

By thinking inside the box, you’re making yourself do what is necessary RIGHT NOW.

You don’t wander off into something else, you do and complete the tasks at hand first before moving onto the next.

What Alex really wants us to understand is that you should always try to do what you set out to do, that task at hand.  Have the task completed before moving onto the next.

It’s like this, you have this imaginary box where you can put your work inside that you have to get done.  Now, put what’s needing to be done that day, week or month – whatever you feel is right – and have those work inside that box be completed before putting anymore work into it.

Making sense now I hope?

It’s extremely important to grasp the meaning here because it can really help you advance your online business.

I’ve gone out of place, but I’ve realized what I’ve done so I’ve corrected myself.

I’m moving back on track and will now always be conscious every morning to put the right plan of action for that day.

In my box now is planning out my product.  How the product will be presented, the material and the resources I’ll be using.

I’ll be noting all these down so when it comes to creating the product I’ll have everything in one place to hand.  I’ll be able to create my product without being unorganised.

I think is time to plan your To-Do list

What do you want to accomplish today, the next few days, or even in the following month?

What you can do is take note of any ideas when it comes to mind on paper.  You can even use your smartphone to take notes too if you wish or on the PC in notepad.  Whichever method you choose to do that you can then use these information to plan your next load of work inside your box.

Stick to your plan until it is complete.  This way you won’t be jumping around without having nothing done.

I hope this post have been an immense help to your workflow and help you stay focused on what you should be completing without leaving it partly done.

Please, do leave a comment below if there’s anything else you’d like to add or would like to find out more about.

Until next time 😉