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Online marketing is always evolving, there’s always new and improved ways that can help us marketers to attract target audience, which will lead to increases in sales and, of course, increases in revenue.

The good old email marketing and search engine optimization, as you and I know, are still effective and have delivered great results if done right, there are other extremely useful trends that we can’t afford to ignore.

In this post I’d like to share some of the trends that you need to watch out for in 2017, especially that these are where you’ll find a great amount of your potential leads attentions.

2017 Online Marketing Trends

  1. Paid Social Media

Have you ever wondered why you’re not getting sales even if you’re making use of the different social media platforms? Perhaps Social Networking Sites have been a great help to your business in the past, but today, the game has changed. What people failed to realize all these years is that they exist for money. So, if you want to benefit from social media then you have to be willing to pay in order to play!

However, if you are not a hundred percent certain about this, I’d suggest that you take it slow. You can start by learning all its ins and outs before investing a large sum of money for (paid) social media promotions.

  1. Live Video

This year, one thing is for certain, online video is going to be a crucial part of everyone’s marketing strategy. With different platforms like Instagram Live Video and Facebook live, you can easily brand yourself and reach your potential leads in a way that’s more raw and personal.

It’s a perfect way to reach your target audience and the cool part is, there’s no need for fancy edits as the target audience gets the chance to learn more about what’s happening while seeing the real you. Live videos can be used in anyway you want, like broadcasting special events, sharing valuable information with others, do teaching or coaching. This in effect provides an endless opportunity for personal branding. I really need to start using more of this method…it’s FREE right?

  1. Micro-influencers

You may not have realized this but influencer marketing can actually deliver the highest returns when it gets stacked up against other online marketing strategies. If you are struggling to come up with huge advertising budget, don’t worry because this is where micro-influencers comes in to your rescue, just go and find micro-influencers that have smaller followings. But be sure though that they kind of match up your brand, related that is, to ensure amazing results. These are more affordable with genuine engagement. When done the right way, micro-influencers will be extremely useful in your business.

To drive sales can be very challenging especially if you don’t have a single idea when, how, and where to start. So what I suggest is that you start with one method first, one at a time, master it before moving onto the next.

I’m using Facebook ads right now and it’s given me results at around $0.05 per click. I need to do more fine tweaking to see if I can get more targeted audience on Facebook.

OK, so with the trends mentioned above, you shouldn’t go wrong. Make the best use of them to target your ideal audience and start driving sales like you never did before.

Have you got anything to contribute to other readers?  If you do, please contribute by commenting below, thanks in advance.