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Hello Michael here.  Sorry it’s taken me longer than I thought to write this post 🙁

But I’m here now 🙂

At last I’ve found myself a mentor, a great man and truely talented in marketing.  I’ll introduce him later in this post, for now I want to introduce myself.

As you can see in the title of this blog, my name is Michael Wong.

How I came about getting myself involved in internet marketing goes way back to July 1998, my eldest son was only six months then.

I wanted to get away from the restaurant work so I decided to take on home study courses in the hope of entering the IT world.

Well, as you can guess where I’m now, I didn’t manage to make anything out of the courses, and all by accident in July that year, I stumble upon an eBook on Google Adwords by Ewen Chia.

I followed the methods shown by Ewen but made quite a loss and ended up quitting in order to minimise my loss.

Of course I never gave up.  In October I decided to join an MLM company, I thought then was a great idea because Christmas was only 2 months away…to my disappointment, the effort and time put toward it made spending time with my family even less.

I was really frustrated!  My wife and I started having fights all the time, guess some of you can relate to this situation, things wasn’t good at all.

I was wise though not to quit my job before I’ve made money from home.  I tried so many other home business opportunities then, although all failed, but I wouldn’t say miserably because once I knew it wasn’t profitable I stopped hence saving further loss.

Fast forward to October 2014

In october last year I bought on Warriorforum a WSO called Marketing with Alex Live.  It was the best investment I’ve ever made.  After going through the course I decided to sign up for his live coaching which I was delighted and full of hope to find I was accepted into the coaching program.  The best part was that I’m able to postpone my coaching sessions till January.

My Marketing Journey Has Begun…

Today I was on my second coaching call with my mentor Alex…Alex Jeffreys.

Have you heard of him?

Well if you’ve been marketing online for some time you should have heard of him.

If not, no worries.  I suggest you do a search on Google on him, you’ll bound to find hundreds, if  not thousands, of mentions of his name…he’s awesome!

Anyway, let’s get back on track what I want to share with you in this post.

Yesterday, on the coaching session with Alex, I learned about story telling.  Yeah, you read it right…Story Telling!

story telling photo

Alex said something like “Words Tell, Stories Sell

He said that every piece of writing we do, we should include a story,  that’s how you can engage people into reading your content, what you have to tell them, and eventually sell to them.

This is an invaluable piece of advice, it can really boost your power to make others listen and read what you have to say.

So from now on I hope you guys will include a story in whatever you write and make your message more interesting and entertaining for others to read.

Until next time, thanks for reading 🙂