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Sorry 🙁

I’m back…I really apologize for taking such a long time to do this video.


I’ve basically been working, working…and working.


Working and alongside there’s, of course, family commitments.


OK…so in this video I want to share with you how I find products that you can sell on JVZoo.


Head over to Resell Rights Weekly at and over there you’ll find the products you need.


I mentioned to you in the last video it cost $20 monthly to be member, but you can sign up as a free member as well.


So just let me kind of explain to you the rights of private label contents, just in case I wasn’t clear enough in the video.


There’re different content rights, and I think I should clarify them a little further so that you have to worry about legal or plagiarism problems.


First you have Resell Rights. This allows the buyer to sell the content as is, no modification, no rebranding allowed and usually will have a disclaimer stating something like personal use only (PUO). The creator may also put in a price range which the product must be sold at. So buyer A can buy the product and sell it on to buyer B, but buyer B will only have personal use only rights. Buyer B is not allowed to sell the product.


The next one is Master Resell Rights. Buyer A buys the product and is allowed to both sell the resell rights (and sometimes the master resell rights) to buyer B. This means buyer B, C, D and so on, can also sell the product too.


I mentioned Private Label Rights. With private label rights you can virtually do anything with the product, but you still have to read the terms in the license that came with it. You can definitely alter, modify the content as you wish, which means you can totally rebrand it to make it look different from the original product.


Watch the video as I share with you how I look for products you can use to sell on JVZoo and in the next video, which I shouldn’t take this long to put up on my blog, I show you how to actually put it up for sale on JVZoo.


Go ahead and watch the video above if you’ve not already done so.


If there’s anything unclear you need to be clarified, please leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer it as best I can.


And if there’s anything you would like to add or share with the rest of us, please do so below in the comment section below also.


Until next time then 😉