First Video of Hands On Project – Setting Up Accounts

**I just found out that JVZoo is offering a One Month FREE sales page hosting for all new signup**


In the last video of this, well, we call it a “Case Study” or a Hands-On experience project.


My intention here is to get your hands wet and dirty, in actually putting up a product for sale online.


We all know there’s nothing better to learn anything faster by actually putting it to work, hands on.


I said I’ll share with you how to put products on sale at JVZoo and I’ll be doing it in steps.


Now you don’t need to be a product creator, so there’s no need for you to go out and start building your own information product, or some calls it, digital product.


So in this first video, I am going to start by taking you over to setup some accounts.


Of course, I will be sharing with you where you can get your hands on products that you can sell on JVZoo.


If you’ve not already have an account with them then you’ll need to create one.  Just go through the steps like any other online accounts you have created in the past.


Now that you have an account with JVZoo, let’s talk about briefly about hosting your sales page.


I did mention in the last video that JVZoo has stopped its feature on hosting vendor’s sales pages for free on their site, which means now  you will either have to host the sales page in a sub-directory on your blog or site, that’s if you have one… or, purchase a new domain name and hosting for your sales page.


But since we’re doing this hands-on type of training, and you’ll be following along with me…I hope you are…you have to take action…remember nothing will happen until you take the first step…that magic button about spitting out money for you on autopilot is full of BS!


So no site, no hosting, it’s not going to be a problem!


We are going to use a site called Weebly, so head over to now and setup an account with them.


Here comes the part where I said I’d show you where you can get products to sell online.


You can sign up for free, or if you would like have more products to choose from, then it’s only $20 a month.


Go over to and there you find 10000s of products with either, PLR, MRR or just RR.


As long as the products don’t say personal use only, then you’re fine to sell them online.


Simply create your free account and once you’re logged in, you’ll find a link to the free members download area where you can find links of the past months free downloads.


A word of advice, it’s best to download products with a sales page so it would make your life easier when putting the product up for sale on JVZoo.


Any questions?  Leave your comments and questions below in the comments area.


Remember we’re here to help each other in creating a better life in the future.

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